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Do Siberian Cats And Neva Masquerade Spray?

I got the question a while back from one of my customers, “So.. since the Siberian cat matures slower than many other breeds, do they actually spray?”. The answer might seem obvious at first but it is a perfectly valid question when you think about it. Now I don’t...

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Scratching Posts That Your Cats Will Enjoy

If you want your furniture or your home not to be sacked by the claws of your cat, do not neglect to put at its disposal a cat tree or a scratching post. A few benefits of a cat tree are:  The cat tree greatly increases the territory of your cat.  The cat tree is his...

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Cats on Vacation? This Itemlist Is All You Need

I want to say that traveling with your cat is not all that easy! Or should I say that not all cats love to travel! Some cats largely prefer to stay at home, where they have their routines, their habits, their olfactory landmarks among others. So if your cat does not...

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Welcome to my blog! 🙂
I’m still currently working on the site. More info about me, and my family with cats comming soon!

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