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It cannot be denied that Neva cats are very special and interesting creatures that can become our best companions for life while having quite curious attitudes that are hard to understand. The Neva Masquerade cat is an endearing hairball and an independent breed with distinct characteristics that differentiate it from its original specimens. Characteristics such as;

  1. Larger body, light beige color and blue eyes compared to Siberian cats.
  2. A softer undercoat, elegant tiger rings and a not always monochromatic face pattern compared to Thai breeds.
  3. Combined persistent distribution of external signs in newborn kittens, distinguishing this variation from cats in a distinct breed.

The new breed is more robust than its predecessors: it tolerates extreme climate change better than its parents, it has the least allergic reaction and the combination of two breeds made the animal less fanciful. Siamese beauties are generally different.

In this article, I will talk about some of the activities of a Neva Masquerade. The social interactions of cats and how they express themselves can become a bit odd, nevertheless, this attitude is their own, and makes them unique within the animal world. In the end, most of these bizarre activities are cute and fun.

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Below are my 15 Fun and also very True facts for Neva Masquerades that you perhaps also recognize;

1. The Neva Masquerade Loves to Sleep

No, the cat is not a born loafer. But yes, he sleeps a lot. As an adult, he can sleep up to 16 hours, and when older, 20 hours. It is generally more active at night than during the day.

Why? Just because he stayed true to his primary instinct. Predator nocturnal when not domesticated, he has retained his love for hunting by entering the lives of men and therefore organizes his days around. his meals! The Neva’s rest is important.

2. Rub their head against you

This is a moment of connection with you. For us, human beings, there is nothing more adorable than a cat who rubs his head against our leg in an outburst of peace and deep affection. When he does this, your cat tries to give you his facial pheromones and show you how much he trusts you. It’s his way of greeting you tenderly and telling you that he feels safe by your side.

3. Spontaneous jumps

This behavior demonstrates both his incredible skill and agility as well as his natural spontaneity. When he runs from the other end of the house and bounces off the couch, he only does his daily exercise routine. You may have a hard time believing but the speed of a cat can reach 46km / h. If your cat never comes out of the house, it is perfectly normal that he drains his energy through these small unexpected jumps. Cats are athletes, do not forget it!

To help him channel his energy, you can play with him and use all the possible toys to have fun in an original way.

4. The Neva cat observes

Do not believe that your cat does nothing when lying down just because he seems to look in the air. Indeed, it is a very curious animal that needs to know its territory on the tip of the claws. It is his way of spotting everything that happens, of seeing the danger, and the prey.

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5. Climbing the curtains

In the literal sense of the term, these cats love climbing, and take advantage of it to tear the fabric irreparably. The cat also likes to climb trees and, overall, along any wall that allows its claws to cling. Sometimes the wall is your leg.

6. Leaving hair everywhere

The Neva Masquerade cat is a machine for sowing hairs, preferably on dark clothes for the light colored cat and vice versa. On the beds too, and the cushions, sofas, armchairs and furniture, wherever he goes and lands. It’s a hell.

7. Nevas Love hunting prey

The prey can be a mouse, a bird, a fly, a battery that escapes from your hands and rolls on the ground or a cotton swab that suddenly becomes the victim of this ferocious beast. It’s the instinct that speaks. Yes, the cat is a pet, but we must not forget that he remains a predator.

The Neva Masquerade needs to be stimulated and let off steam. When he returns from his outings, it may happen that he returns the mouth laden with gifts for you. Mouse half alive, bird weakened. When he does not have the opportunity to walk outside, he will happily hunt plugs, socks, paper balls, and will always play with you to try to catch laser and other feathers of feather dusters!

This is a great article by Catster on how to satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct

8. Bury its poop

The Neva Masquerade cat, just like any other cat, likes that his faeces are well concealed, a little as if he wanted us to believe that “no no, I never poop, I’m a princess.”

9. The Neva cats and agility

No, agility is not just for dogs. Although most cats do not stand up properly, you can still teach him some tricks by rewarding him for his efforts. Hunter at heart, the feline is a player who likes to climb, hide and nibble. By practicing this activity with him, you will strengthen your links and take care of his health in a fun way. And for good reason, this activity has the role of stimulating him both mentally and physically while allowing you to share beautiful moments.

Agility is a great activity for both you and your pet. You can read more in-depth about Agility for Cats here if you’re interested in learning about it.

10. Brings home prey to make you proud

You love your cat but when he brings back a dead bird and throws it at your feet, you may find it quite strange and wonder why cats do this. Here are some reasons for this behavior:

  • He wants to share his prey with you. Just as you share your food, he too wants to participate. He recognizes you as part of the family in this way.
  • He brings you his prey and offers it to you as a gift to thank you for all the love you have for him.
  • It is self-rewarding. Like a trophy he would have won: “Look, look what I managed to do!”
  • Playing to catch things that move

It is an activity derived from hunting. Neva cats love what’s going on and are convinced that the purpose of their existence is to stop any movement when a form comes alive. It can be an animal, a toy, your headphones hanging from your pocket or a lock of hair in front of your eyes.

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11. Intense looks

Typical behavior. You turn around because you feel a heavy look on you? It’s inevitably him. Your cat is staring at you and you have absolutely no idea what he is thinking or how he will react in the seconds that follow. No, your cat does not try to hypnotize you to control your mind, he just wants to get your attention in an intense way because he wants something, it’s up to you to discover what ?

12. Sniff your face

Cats are weird by nature. They love to sniff, and especially the objects of their affection, in this case: your or your dogs face. Each time, it seems weird. Our cat starts to go through our face sniffing but we must know that they really love to do that.

No transcendent explanation, simply that through their sense of smell they take in your scent and feel as though we know each other better than before. If he tries to sniff his face, let him do it, it makes him happy and its quite positive behavior.

13. Sit in shady corners

Cats are fascinating creatures and for them it’s more interesting to sleep on your computer keyboard than on a comfortable mattress. As uncomfortable and cold as it is: cartons, books, washbasin, showers… It is very likely that you find him deeply asleep in one of these places one day or another. Why? Well, simply because they need to feel safe, protected. These small, often confined places plus your presence give them a feeling of well-being and total relaxation.

14. Massaging with their paws

No, your cat has not been a baker in another life but it is true that it is rather common to see cats massaging and kneading things … or people. According to the experts and without further explanation, this behavior means that he is happy and happy and that reminds them when they were babies and they massaged to get the milk out of their mother. Generally, cats purr very loudly as they massage.

15. Make strange noises with his teeth when he sees a bird

Virtually all cats do that. They are waiting outside the window, watching the birds flying outside. At this point, they have the habit of making weird sounds with their teeth and moving the tail very actively.

Why? In fact, your cat is preparing to attack and plans his hunt by sitting and biting in a strange way to be ready to attack the birds in his viewfinder. These are a clear sign of excitement and if they do not go out, this can become very frustrating for the cat and he may not be able to reach his prey.

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A good diet will also be essential to give the Neva cat the energy to engage in its daily activities. Remember that the health of your cat will play an important role in the amount of activities it engages in every day.

Cats with chronic diseases such as heart failure or other immune deficiency will be less active as compared to cats that are healthy. Cold and especially humidity can also aggravate certain chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis. Also, an old cat often has more trouble engaging in various activities, this is also the same for a kitten.

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