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A multitude of accessories has been designed so that the cat, whether an exotic shorthair or not, leads a comfortable and balanced life with its owner. These cat accessories also help prevent damage in the home. As the needs of this feline evolve according to his age, it is necessary to simplify his daily life.

Essential accessories for everyday life

The first cat accessory is a collar to identify it. This jewel, both practical and original, does not disturb the cat. Another essential accessory is a leash. Choosing a leash for your cat depends on what you want to do outside; education, relaxing walks or more sports. Also places where you walk and physical characteristics of the cat.

We will review the main options and we will see how to avoid problems with the leash before even thinking about learning to walk on a leash.

These are some of the items to consider;

Bayer’s animal health seresto flea and tick collar

The collar from Bayer provides continuous 8-month flea and tick protection, i really recommend it.

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SnugglyCat’s Ripple Rug

A “ripple rug” is beneficial from the following;

  • Scratching and Territory-Bounding.
  • Supports Mental Well-Being and Helps Burn Calories.
  • Cats Love the Texture of the Special Carpet Design.
  • Hunting, Stalking, Pouncing and Hiding:
  • Satisfies primal urges and teaches Dexterity = Entertained + Exercised Kitty
  • Cats Instinctively Enjoy Ripple Tunnels and Peep-Holes.

Check it out on Amazon here

PetSafe’s Bungee Leash

I use the “Petsafe Come With Me Kitty Harness”, it gives you gentle, comfortable control of your cat or kitten, while allowing your little companion to explore the world outside your door.

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Flea Protection

Apart from a leach, you also need a flea protection collar in other to improve the life quality of your cat. Fleas are unfortunately a common scourge for cats and their owners. Regardless of where you live, how often your pets come out or even how often you vacuum them, fleas are good finding their way in.

Fortunately, many treatment options are available for us in other to avoid having to fear cat fleas. Whether they are in the form of drops, tablets or sprays, all these treatments are reassuring to the extent that their mode of action is obvious. Some of these necklaces have state-of-the-art technology and work for a long time, repelling and killing fleas and ticks for 7 to 8 months.

Some contains imidacloprid (which eliminates adult fleas and their larvae) and flumethrin (which repels and eliminates adult ticks and larvae). These two molecules act by simple contact: the parasites do not have to bite or prick your cat to be eliminated.

Some of these collars looks like a regular plastic collar, but is actually composed of a polymer matrix. Instead of releasing all active ingredients at once all over your cat’s body, the matrix allows it to release the molecules gradually and at low doses, according to the needs of the animal. Without white powder and completely odorless, you will not see that the pest control collar is working and you will not feel it. Seresto remains effective for 7 to 8 months!

When you buy the right anti necklace – flea collar for your cat, you will not have to worry about a prevention against fleas for months. No fleas, no health problem, no treatment to apply… and no itching!


Metal leash and nylon leash

The metal leash, or “chain”, has a leather handle, sometimes riveted. We also find some with nylon handles. When it pulls hard, the leather may be a little more comfortable.

If it gets too tight, you will try to loosen it, but first and foremost, pay attention to how you hold the leash.

A nylon cat leash is lighter than a metal leash; it’s comfortable for a kitten or a small cat. With the adjustable models, you can change the length of a nylon leash, usually there are 3 settings up to 2m, thanks to rings. You have a more versatile leash, convenient to alternate between crowded places and quiet places. But it is also convenient to shorten the leash if necessary by wounding it on your hand. This is the advantage of nylon leashes. And to shorten it, you can also wrap it over the thumb; you do not need to hold it with your other hand. Even if it’s a little tight, it’s easier to let go quickly by just opening your hand. And it’s safer (and less clenching) than clenching your fist on a thong of the handle.

For the leash type metal chain, you can hold it with the other hand without risking injury if your dog suddenly pulls. It’s not super convenient but you can shorten a metal leash occasionally; Let’s say that your cat is on your right hand and the handle in your left, you grab the chain with your right hand so that your cat stays close to you. It’s good for a few moments while waiting for the bus, the children, or the green light.


Leather leash

Leather leashes are available in different lengths, generally up to 1.80 m / 2 m, and different widths and colors. The leather leash is pretty for those who take their cats to various cat events. Moreover, they are sometimes presented as exhibition leads (for cat shows). This is for those who want a little aesthetic, and have nothing against the leather or against paying a little more.

Whatever be the material of your leash, you need a simple and robust system of attachment to the collar. Most of the time, they are “pump” carabiners that rotate. Remember to look at this carabiner from time to time.

Before learning to walk on a leash, there are steps that are best not to injure your cat:

1) make him appreciate his collar and

2) make him appreciate his leash.

Because despite appearances, cats are not naturally used to these accessories! After making sure that your cat enjoys wearing his collar or harness, also take the time to make him enjoy pleasant moments on a leash.

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